Reach Atlanta is a grass-roots Gospel movement that is partnering with churches and ministries all over the Atlanta Metro area.


Our Mission

Our mission is to see the Body of Christ unified and mobilized to see whole cities revitalized. We are excited to partner and serve local churches and ministries to reach every family in the Atlanta metro area with the gospel.

gospel centered

Our campaign is focused purely on mobilizing churches to share the good news of Jesus Christ with every person in Atlanta.

a simple message

Through our engagement app, Encounter Outreach and gospel engagers we empower churches to give a clear and simple message when presenting the gospel

bringing people together

During our campaign our focus is to bring churches together from various racial and denominational backgrounds. We also plan to intentionally plug people who don't have a church into a thriving local church home.

“We can transform Atlanta one life at a time!”

Our team is filled with great anticipation for this REACH Atlanta Campaign. We're excited to partner with various local churches to share the gospel and get people plugged in for discipleship.


  • Collaboration - We value seeing Christians from various races, denominations, and backgrounds coming together to reach their neighbors for Christ. 

  • Gospel-Centered - We value equipping and mobilizing everyday believers to share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

  • Movement - Organize Equipping Conferences with outreaches that turn into sustainable initiatives that are grassroots-driven.


These conferences are designed to help everyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ learn how to more effectively represent Him in everyday life. This training is not designed just for the “spiritually elite” but rather for everyday people who long to be used by God at their schools, workplaces, homes and the surrounding community. Basically, the primary goal of this training is to help demystify evangelism for believers who may feel scared of sharing their faith.

What will be taught?

  • How to grow in your faith in Jesus

  • Understanding your identity in Christ

  • How to share your story with others

  • How to pray for others

  • How to hear God's voice more clearly

  • How to lead others to Jesus by sharing his love and goodness